Get Started with Connect Connect gives you direct access to all levels of business contacts. You and millions of other community members contribute contact information to earn points and to earn a rating that reflects the quality of your contributions. Use your points or a credit card to get contacts that other community members contribute, to grow your business network quickly.

Find contacts to expand your business network

Use the search bar to find contacts that match your contact and company search criteria, then filter your results by the business info that’s most important to you.

How do I find a specific contact?

How do I find contacts that match my business criteria?

Add contacts and earn points

For every new contact you add to Connect you earn 5 points, enough to purchase one new contact.

How do I add a contact or a file of contacts?

How does contributing info affect my rating?

How do points and royalty work?

Update contacts for more points

For every contact record you improve with more up-to-date info, you earn 5 points. Start by typing the name of the contact to update into the Connect search bar.

How do I find a contact to update?

How do I update contact info?